What If…..

WHAT IF you no longer had Sunday School Before Worship?*
WE ARE in a church that lives between
what was and what will be.

How shall we “sing the Lord’s song” in this ever-changing landscape?

Whatever answers we find, we know the answers will NOT
  • Be found in a box of curriculum or
  • In a closed off classroom or
  • In the narrow confines of what has always been but
  • Rather, answers will be found and discovered in the interplay of CURIOSITY, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION & RISK!
BEYOND THE BOX invites you to explore what is possible in this new and strange religious landscape.
  • Cultivate adaptive curiosity that leads to creativity,
  • Take a lesson or two from jazz, and
  • Consider the difference between innovation and improvisation
Come EXPLORE a place where there Spirit does not let fear outdistance the need to RISK for the sake of the Gospel.
Enjoy the beauty
St. Simons Island too!
*You will hear about how Eastminster Presbyterian (Simpsonville, SC) has moved their faith formation away from the traditional Sunday School hour.