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APCE SOAP  Regional Conference

Epworth by the Sea,

St. Simons Island

November 14-16, 2019


Soul Tending                                Come for a Sabbath afternoon        

Registration                                  4:00 – 5:30             Front desk

Mix & Mingle Dinner                     5:30-6:30               Jinks Dining Room

Worship                                         6:45 -7:30              Chapel

Theme Introduction                      7:30- 8:30              Pioneer Room


Breakfast                                      7:00 -9:00              Jinks Dining Hall

Theme Presentation I                   9:00-11:30             Pioneer Room

  • Keynote
  • Break-out
  • Q & A

Lunch                                             11:45 -1:00            Dining Hall

Free Time                                       11:45-2:00

Theme Presentation II                   2:00-4:30              Pioneer Room

  • Keynote
  • Break-out
  • Q & A

Closing Vespers                             4:30-5:00pm          Pioneer Room

Dinner (or begin your evening)       6:00-7:00              Dining hall

Free Evening                                Enjoy St. Simons!


Breakfast                                        7:00-8:45                Dining Room       

Innovation Lab                                9:00-10:30             Pioneer Room

Worship                                          10:45-11:30            Chapel

Checkout                                         by NOON

Lunch                                               12:00-1:00            Dining Room


SOAP Regional Event



November 14-16, 2019

Epworth By the Sea
St. Simons Island, GA


.       Early Bird $125 (through August 1, 2019)

      Regular $150

– Single Room (2 nights) $330
– Double Room (2 nights) $230


Featured Speaker:   The Rev. MaryAnn McKibben Dana
Worship and Music:  The Rev. Bill Carter 
Liturgical Artist:       Mary Groves


A blend of
presentation, discussion, and creative interaction (along with art and music), this event will engage us all in the tools and fun of improv.


You are invited to join Ministers, Educators, Youth Directors, and church leaders Thursday evening – Saturday afternoon as we:
  • Explore seven Improv Principles that that help us to be more awake, creative, resilient and ready for life & ministry (especially when things don't go according to plan)
  • Listen for the ways music and improv create holy space for learning.
  • Worship together in the historical Chapel at Epworth By the Sea.
  • Discover how arts and the creative process can inspire and inform.
  • Enjoy fellowship and free time in a beautiful setting.

Retreat Includes


  • Time for rest renewal on St. Simons Island (Come early!)
  • Inspiration via engaging presentations, worship & music
  • Two nights lodging and all meals at Epworth By the Sea (Single: $330, Double: $230)

Soap Board Nominee



Courtney Kraus – Vice President

Director Middle School Ministries

Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church

302 Hibben Street

Mt. Pleasant SC 29464

Newly Elected-

Zeta Hastings – Treasurer

Director of Youth Ministries

Lake Murray Presbyterian Church

2721 Dutch Fork Road

Chapin, South Carolina 29036


 Living out terms-


Deborah G. Foster– President

Associate Stated Clerk Foothills Presbytery

2242 Woodruff Rd

Simpsonville SC 29681


Alesia Jones – Secretary

Director of Children’s Ministry

First Presbyterian Church

189 Church St.

Marietta, GA 30060


Amanda Rowe – Communications

Director of Student Ministries

Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church

1225 Piper Boulevard

Naples, FL 34110



Music as a Bridge to Multicultural Ministries

written by:   Jorge Sayago-Gonzalez, M. Div., is the director of youth ministries at Second Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY. He is a worship leader with special interest in multicultural, contemporary and emergent worship.


With diversity growing at rapid rates, churches are now facing new challenges of engaging the ever-changing needs of their surrounding communities. Church educators are always searching for new ways of creating space for awakening-the-soul experiences. Music can help mold the space in which this awakening process occurs. A particular song can move us to moments of connection, peace, healing, liberation and reconciliation. Persons may not remember the discussion in the last small group, but they hum or sing the last hymn they heard during worship for the rest of the week. Out of this understanding, I have come to realize that music serves a bigger purpose in our spiritual lives and in the lives of our congregations. Music is a bridge that allows us to connect, affirm and give voice to the needs of the world. It is a channel through which we are reminded of God’s love for us. If we take advantage of music as a bridge, we allow the Spirit to use music as a creative tool to awaken our souls to new horizons of love.

It is important to remember the power of music in our lives and in the worship experience, because it is through music that the experience comes to life. When we embrace the idea of music as a bridge, we reclaim music for what it is: a universal language in which we can communicate and experience life and God. Thus, in a time when both the church is challenged to expand its borders, to embrace and reflect diversity in proactive ways, we must take advantage of the power of music and let it be a channel for unity. Therefore, “multicultural worship” (embracing the voices of other people, places and nationalities in our worship experience) is essential for today’s church. Music in multicultural worship and all the different venues in which music can be expressed such as dancing, communal signing and performances are powerful and effective ways in which the church responds to the world’s needs and celebrates who we are as people of God.

Music functions as a bridge for multicultural worship because it creates and facilitates a unique space to encounter God, reminding us of our identity, regardless of origin. A nurturing element in the music allows us to connect our story to moments, places and situations. The sound of the beating drum, the shouts of joy and dance during worship in a multicultural church in Louisville, KY, allows members from Sudan to reconnect with their homeland spiritually and emotionally. The “momento de canticos” (moment of song) with some salsa or ranchera music brought identity and belonging to the Hispanic-Latinos/ as members from West-Nashville during their blended worship service. Contemporary “praise and worship music” is a key element on youth and young adult worship. When their voices come together and are celebrated, we begin to learn from and connect with one another. Churches, therefore, can begin to respond prophetically to their calling as Christians by giving witness of God’s unconditional love.

Multiculturalism can take many shapes and forms. Some congregations see the faces in their neighborhoods changing and they welcome the new groups of their community. Knowing that these new groups have the need to connect and feel part of a community of faith, these congregations allow room for the influences of other cultures in their worship experiences. As the members reach out, they provide a hospitable environment to the new faces in their congregation. These congregations have come to realize that God is calling them to a new way of doing worship. Besides the challenges that emerge when different groups with different opinions try to work together, the openness to the “unknown” turns out to be a blessing in the life of the congregation. It works both ways because both sides of the congregation awake the plural ways in which people God and express their identity and sense of belonging. Other congregations, due to their homogeneity, find themselves without the need to respond in such immediate ways. Yet, they are willing to celebrate the diversity of the body of Christ. Many times the way of doing this is through music and worship.

There are numerous ways to apply this idea of music as a bridge for multicultural worship. A great opportunity to celebrate other cultures is during World Communion Sunday. On this day, give your service or lesson a different twist. For example, members can do parts of the worship service and prayers in different language, especially if you chose a language that has some relationship to your neighborhood, mission or members of your congregation. For congregations without members of other nationalities, sing songs from other countries, in different languages and in different styles such as jazz, reggae, salsa, hip-hop, or gospel. You can also plan a worship service celebrating the partnership of your church with other congregations around the world or other churches in your community. Combine both choirs or invite the music group from another church to have a special song during the worship service and explain the meaning in their culture, tradition and community. Small group discussions are an excellent way to follow up these experiences. You can organize a dinner, a party, or a concert where other cultures are celebrated, combining food and music from other nationalities.

Resources are out there and the opportunities are numerous; it is just a matter of intentionality. Regardless of the demographics of your congregation, through music we all have the opportunity to celebrate in news ways the wonderful diversity of the body of Christ.


The Martha May Holman Scholarship Fund was established in 2002 by the SOAP (South Atlantic & Puerto Rico) Region of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE) to honor the life and ministry of Martha May Holman.


Martha May Holman, a lifelong Presbyterian, served Christ with distinction as a church educator.  Martha served a variety of large and small congregations as an educator.  For many years she was Associate for Education for the Synod of South Atlantic.  Martha was a former member of the APCE Cabinet having served as Finance Committee Chairperson.  She received a Life Achievement Award at the 1997 San Diego APCE national conference.  Martha was retired when she died January 21, 2001 in Tallahassee, Florida.


The scholarship fund was established to enable APCE members in the South Atlantic & Puerto Rico Region who have a continuing education allowance of under $500 to attend SOAP Regional events or APCE events in order to develop their leadership skills and enhance their ministry.  This scholarship will be limited to one scholarship per person per year.  The Executive Committee will select the worthy recipients with first time requests being given priority status.


The funds for the Martha May Holman Scholarship come from individual donations and through a special offering taken at the SOAP Regional Event and the annual APCE gathering.  The funds are housed in a special account with the Presbyterian Foundation.


Selection of scholarship recipients is by the Executive Committee of the Regional Officers, which consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.



Applications will be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 30, 2017. Notification will be sent via email by Nov 15 in time for the APCE early bird deadline.

What If…..

WHAT IF you no longer had Sunday School Before Worship?*
WE ARE in a church that lives between
what was and what will be.

How shall we “sing the Lord’s song” in this ever-changing landscape?

Whatever answers we find, we know the answers will NOT
  • Be found in a box of curriculum or
  • In a closed off classroom or
  • In the narrow confines of what has always been but
  • Rather, answers will be found and discovered in the interplay of CURIOSITY, CREATIVITY, INNOVATION & RISK!
BEYOND THE BOX invites you to explore what is possible in this new and strange religious landscape.
  • Cultivate adaptive curiosity that leads to creativity,
  • Take a lesson or two from jazz, and
  • Consider the difference between innovation and improvisation
Come EXPLORE a place where there Spirit does not let fear outdistance the need to RISK for the sake of the Gospel.
Enjoy the beauty
St. Simons Island too!
*You will hear about how Eastminster Presbyterian (Simpsonville, SC) has moved their faith formation away from the traditional Sunday School hour.

WHEN: November 2-4, 2017

Featured Speaker: Rev. Dr. Rebecca Davis
Worship and Music: Rev. William Carter
Liturgical Artist: Rev. Pressley Cox
Youth Ministry Coaching Cohort: Rev. Mark DeVries
You are invited to join Ministers/Educators/Youth Directors/church leaders.

Thursday evening – Saturday afternoon as we ask:
• Why is innovation in Ministry so important?
• How can our roots/heritage inform a creative ministry?
• How does the theology of risk teach and stretch us in ministry?

Retreat includes:
• Time for rest and renewal on the beautiful beaches of St. Simons Island
• Inspiration through engaging presentations, worship and music
• Panel (Saturday) of practitioners sharing how innovation/creativity/risk have
shown up in their life and ministry
• Two nights lodging and all meals at Epworth By the Sea (Single: $317 or Double: $219)
Note: Total cost of retreat is registration plus lodging

Early bird registration $80 by August 1st.

Regular registration $120 beginning August 2nd-October 12th.

Download the Beyond the Box: SOAP Promotional Flyer

Register Now