Music as a Bridge to Multicultural Ministries

written by:   Jorge Sayago-Gonzalez, M. Div., is the director of youth ministries at Second Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY. He is a worship leader with special interest in multicultural, contemporary and emergent worship.   With diversity growing at rapid rates, churches are now facing new challenges of engaging the ever-changing needs of their surrounding communities. […]

What If…..

WHAT IF you no longer had Sunday School Before Worship?* WE ARE in a church that lives between what was and what will be. How shall we “sing the Lord’s song” in this ever-changing landscape? Whatever answers we find, we know the answers will NOT Be found in a box of curriculum or In a closed off classroom or In […]

Awesome article from Sybil Macbeth!

About seven years ago, Memphis Theological Seminary asked me to be their “artist-in-residence” for the year. Their ironic invitation made me laugh out loud. I am a third-generation Sybil; my mother and grandmother, for whom I am named, were fine artists–oil painters and sculptors. For me visual art has always been a source of deep […]

ENRICH – Educator of the Year Laurie Farquharson

Laurie Farquharson loves her ministry as the long-time (27 years) Director of Christian Education at Wekiva Presbyterian Church PC(USA) in Longwood, FL.  Laurie was a “home-grown” educator, receiving a call to ministry in her own local church after a short career in elementary education and years of church volunteer work. ​ She began as a cradle […]